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Horoscope reading is a comprehensive horoscope interpretation for your whole life. All topics of your whole will be analyzed and interpreted by the astrologers. These topics are such as health, finance, income, expenses, love, marriage, job, business, career, promotions, selection, travel, ups and downs, possible, losses, illnesses, problems, gains and rewards. It is a time taking work and you get all on paper (60 to 300 pages). Apart from this you get detailed information about present and coming years, anwers on your questions and suggestions for remedial measures.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

HoroscopeHouses of the horoscope
The word horoscope has 2 parts - Horo = Hour (Sanskrit word) and scope is a Greek suffix denoting 'seeing'. Basically this word means 'seeing time' and that happens due to Sun, Moon and all the Planets. A horoscope is the map of sky discribing the situations of all planets and stars to be considered for making predictions. A horoscope is generated on basis of the emphemeries of your date and time of birth. After analysing your horoscope, an astrologer comes to a conclusion about all the planets as to what extend they are powerful, negative or positive, dominant or dominated and productive or destructive. Depending on the planetary placements, the same planets can be good for sometime and bad for another time. again the same planet can be bad for one thing and good for another things. So making prediction is not only knowing that which planets is good and which is bad as per the nature. again a wise astrologer predicts the events with the possible timing so that one can be prepared for that event and take remedial measure.
Health, Person, Soul, Body, Own, Head
Wealth, movable property, throat, face
Friends, brother, sisters, courage, efforts
Property, Vehicle, Land, house, mother
Education, memory, love, child, progeny
Weaknesses, illness, losses, enemies
Partner, Husband / wife, business, travel
Desease, accidents, longavity, death
Dharma, fate and fortune, nature support
Profession, Job, Carrier, Father
Income, gains, victory
Expenses, losses, punishments, litigations
Signs, Ascendants & SunsignsPlanetary CombinationsPlanetary StrengthYogas
There are 12 sings. Signs are the 12 parts of zodiac or the orbit of the planets. The sign in which the sun is at time of birth is called sun-sign. The Sign of the Moon at birth time is called Moonsign or birthsign. The sign that is rising in the est at the time of birth is called Ascendant. Sun-sign is the very basi system of prediction while ascendant is the most minute.
In a horoscope a planet can be alone or can be accompanied by other planets. this is called planetary combinations. There thousands of rules those define the planets, their positionms and their strength as per their positions. the results may change or vary dramatically irrespective to the natural quality of the planets and its strength.
The planets give their results as per their displacements in your horoscopes. These results dramatically change when a planet gets good or worse or strong or weak. A naturally good planet too can be bad in factual positions and a bad planet can also be very good as per the situations and strength. The biggest challenge of an astrologer is to conclude it.
There are thousands of planetary combinations in Vedic Astrology those are called Yogas. So there are thousdands of Yogas. Some are good and some are bad. Bad yogas are also called Doshas. yoga's are normally considered to define the life and its speciality for a person. Yoga defines the directions of life and different good and bad things of life.
Planetary Periods or DashaPlanetary TransitsSarhesatiKaalsarpa Dosha
You life has been devided in to planetary periods those are also called Dasha. There are several kinds of Dasha calculations out of wish Vimshottarui is the most popular and commonly used. According to the periods and their sub-periods the planets deliver good or bad results.
Planetary Transits are the exact situations od the planets at present. The planets tend to give their good or bad results in their periods and in their transits. The results may vary according to the positions of the planets and the accompanied planets in transit and period.
Saturn transits 2.5 years in 1 sign. It means when it transits in 12th, 1st and 2nd house in transit from your Moonsign then it takes 7.5 years and these 7.5 years are terribly dangerous for the person. This is the period when you have chances to loose all what you have.
When in your birth chart all the planets come between Rahu and Ketu then they create Kaal-Sarpa Yoga. This means none of your efforts are going to be smoothly successful. Your ways will be full of obstacles and You will never get all what you have worked for.
Mangal DoshasGanda Mool DoshasPratibandhak DoshasRaj Yogas
When Mars in your chart is in 1,4,7,8,12 houese form Moon or from Ascendant then you have Mangal Dosha. Mangal Dosha cause many losses, problems in marital life and break of relations. In some cases it can cause deaths to partner. Some people say it is lite or heavy but it doesn't really make difference. Problem comes and always comes. To minimize problems look for a partner wish Magal Dosha and do Yagya time to time to minimize the effects.
A Person born in Revti, Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshta and  Mool - falls in Ganda mool. This says that the child is born to ruin. However the evil effect goes to father or mother of child itself deoending on specific situations of Nakshatra. There is a method of Mool shanti but this is in most cases not done properly and therefore is no remedy.A Yagya for this purpose could be very much saving and helpful to the child and the parents.
The word Pratibandh means Blockage. Pratibandhak Doshas are the planetary and other combinations those create or indicate blockage in person's life. There are several kinds of Pratibandhak Doshas. Some are given here - Vivah Pratibandhak Dosha - This bloks your love and relationships and prevents you getting married or keeping your marriage.Santan Pratibandhak Dosha - This blocks you being father or mother. Yagyas can help in this.
Raj Yoga means Yoga for being a king. But it is not literally so. For everyhting that a King enjoys and you wish to enjoy too - you need to have Raj Yoga. So you need one Raj Yoga for having a car and another for having a big house and another for being in politics and again several more for being a minister or king. There are thousands of Raj Yoga's explained in Ancient astrology books. You need to have tens of Raj yogas before you declare some to be like king.
Daridra YogasCursusesPreventionsRemedies
There are hundreds of Yogas in the horoscope those indicate someone to get Daridra or poor. However 1 Yagya doesn't say that one will be necessarily poor but more Yagyas confirm this fact and makes it more possible and happening. If you have Daridra Yoga, whatever you earn, you will have scarcity in your life and you will lead a life of crisis and fluctuations. A Yagya can be a temporary solution but nothing can cure your poverty for long time and forever.
There are several types of curses. A horoscope neither creates curses nor removes but it indicates and confirm if someone has cursuses. Curses are the results of your sins you did knowingly or unknowingly. the victim of your sin may curse you and that curse comes out as different problems. For example you can't child, you can't be married, you can't be rich or your child gets abnormal birth / body due to specific curse. Some Yagyas can minimized cursses.
Whatever you do today becomes your Karma and appears tomorrow as your fortune. So you get good for good and bad for bad. But it is hard to make a conversion for what you get what results and that can be predicted by horoscope. Your Karma definitely gets occurred but there are 2 types of karmas or occurences - 1. Hard 2. Soft. Hard Karma, for instance, getting married or not, can't be changed but soft karma like divorce can be avoided by precations & remedy.
As a remedy the astrologer sees first the gravity of the problem or desires. If the problem is big then it is hard karma and is un-avoidable. In this case one has to get a remedy that can keep him/her strong while being beaten by the destiny. In soft karma remedy is given to minimize or prevent the problems to appear.
In Vedic Astrology there are not much remedies prescribed but in tradition there are several ones. Yagya is strongest and oldest remedy.
Consultation with Astrologer
Horoscope Reading
Horoscope Match Making
Tantra Recommendation (Free)
Consult our expert Vedic Astrologers 24 x 7 on Live Chat, Telephone or via email. It could be for any purpose when you have questions or problems in one or more areas of life or just if you want a horoscope reading. In a consult the astrologer tell everyhting what he sees appearing in coming 3 years and gives your suggestions and remedial solutions for your problems and desires.
Horoscope reading is a comprehensive horoscope interpretation for your whole life. All topics of your whole will be analyzed and interpreted by the astrologers. These topics are such as health, finance, income, expenses, love, marriage, job, business, career, promotions, selection, travel, ups and downs, possible, losses, illnesses, problems, gains and rewards. It is a time taking work and you get all on paper (60 to 300 pages). Apart from this you get detailed information about present and coming years, anwers on your questions and suggestions for remedial measures.
You can have the Horoscope Readings in 3 ways -
Royal Horoscope
In this horoscope the events are periodically specified upto the day ranges.
Standard Horoscope
In this horoscope you get the periodic predictions specified up to month level.
Short Horoscope
$400You get horoscope interpretations with highlights and periodic specification till year level.
In Horoscope Match Making the astrologer tally the charts of bride and groom for marriage. There are total 36 points out of which you ned to have at least 20 pointes together for being compatible to each other. If you do incompatible marriage then many problems and loss od marital life can be predicted. There could be several problems in incompatible marriages. Check them all here.

Horoscope is like a X-Ray and Tantra is like a medicine. By the horoscope your problems are dignosed and rectified and then we do Tantra to solve your problems your boost your luch for your achivements. In a Tantra Recommen-dation, our astroger analyses your horoscope for your problems and desires and suggest you the Tantra those could be helpful to solve your problems and to support you for your desires.

In a Tantra Recommendation no predictions are gieven but the horoscope is analysed by the astrologer will suggest you only those Tantra which seem to be helpful in your situations.


Birth time Rectification
Special Horoscope Reports
Horoscope 2010
Muhurta for Important Tasks
In a birth time rectification the astrologers rectify your date or time of birth if you are not certain about them. There are a lot of people who have complaint that the predictions are not true or do not occure at the time as the astrologer says. In that case check first if the astrologer is qualified enough and then check if your birth time is correct.
There are several good and bad events in your life those helps us to determine your correct birth time. For example when did you get married ? when did you get child and when did you pass the Graduations examination. again when did you have much income and when did you get accident and so on.
Apart from this we also rectify your birth timing by the symptoms of your body and life. such as what is your profession, what have you studied and how many borthers ands sisters do you have. 

Your horoscope is analyzed for your selected topic and a detailed interpretation is made around it. The astrologer analyses your whole horoscope and combines everything coming up in 3 years that you should know and you should take care of. For example, if it is a Marriage Report, then the astrologer writes when you will be married, how, with what type person and what will be the future of your marriage. All required remedy shall also be suggested.

In horoscope 2010 all your planetary changes and movements are interpretated. All areas of life will be interpreted for 2010 such as health, finance, income, expenses, love, marriage, job, business, career, promotions, selection, travel, ups and downs, possible, losses, illnesses, problems and suggestions to prevent and cure them. 

This an all about package for year 2010 made by our Vedic Astrologer and sent to you with-in 3 working days via email. 


Wellbegun is half done. Starting or doing something in auspicious time makes more chances on success then doing them blindly. In Vedic Tradition, people are used to find a suitable day for their marriage, travel, house warming and for joining a job. This is one of the reasons why Hindi marriages are more stable then other marriages. Get a suitable muhurta for all your important works via email or telephone.

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